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computerwinner Winner of the ten inch Laptop computer on January 10th, 2010 was Ms. C. Bollin. A grandmother from Port Orange, Florida, Ms Bollin has never owned her own computer and said that she never wins anything. Her luck changed last Sunday when her $5.00 donation got her the winning ticket. She was absolutely thrilled with her new gift and began setting it up immediately.

groupfoto In 2008...Volunteers Without Boundaries received a call for help from a rural village in Uganda. We knew we needed to help but didn't have sufficient donor funds for travel but we knew that we had to go. Using our own personal funds Paul Rooy and Mary Lightfine made arrangements to travel. We wanted to see first hand how we could help. Upon arrival we discovered some of the most wonderful folks we have ever met who are need of so much...read more

pupstext .....I immediately dropped my things and bolted through the French doors just steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. And there she was. A sleek honey colored princess, with eyes like shinny marbles, romping in the surf with another fuzzier version of herself. She immediately glanced our way with an impish grin and I could swear she actually smiled...read entire heart warming story.

ritanml Rita first contacted Volunteers Without Boundaries in April of 2002 after the loss of her beloved granddaughter, Isabella. Rita was heart sick and longed to give back to world what Isabella had given her...love, hope and a reason to wake up every morning. Rita