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I want to volunteer but don't know how to get started?

Pilots who want to pay it forward

How do I apply for a Volunteer position?

Is there a program fee?

Do I need travelers insurance?

Is it Possible to live with locals?

Can I bring supplies with me?

How do I benefit from Volunteering?

What is the cost of living in Mexico for one month?

What is the cost of volunteering in Uganda?

Is there an AIDS program in Mexico?

What can I expect my role to be?

What about my medicines?

Do I need a visa?

How can I adopt a potcake dog?

Is there a deadline to apply?

Where can I find inexpensive, good quality travel luggage and clothes?



Q:Where are your programs?
A: We have opportunities for folks who like animals in the West Indies, a health, agriculture, water and sanitation program in Uganda and medical/surgicical health related opportunities in Mexico. We also accept donations of supplies, services and money and we deliver these supplies to needy clinics and shelters..

Q: I'm a pilot and interested only in Aviation Volunteering what can I do?
A: PILOTS who want to pay it forward...Because paying it forward is not only good for your health, it is good for world health, just plain feels good and is an awesome reason to fly!!
Here are some organizations and ideas below

Pilots N Paws: www.PilotsNPaws.org “Saving the lives of innocent paws.”

Flying Doctors of America: www.FdoAmerica.org They need medical and non medical support staff.

Los Medicos Voladores: www.Flyingdocs.org They need medical, non-medical, translators and support staff for southern USA and Latin America.

Bahamas Habitat: www.BahamasHabitat.org They need pilots, pilots with planes, donations of goods and supplies, money, medical and non medical volunteers as well as logistical support for missions within USA to the Bahamas and Haiti.

Angel Flight: www.AngelFlightSE.org They need pilots with planes to transport folks for medical care and other urgent transport for those in need.

The future of Haiti: www.TheFutureOfHaiti.org 727-776-0773 F. M. Vanleuven has asked for your help in rebuilding Haiti for 170 Haitain children and orphans. Pilots, plane, volunteers are needed. Article from www.planeandpilotmag.com

DON'T FORGET TO CALL/WRITE TO YOUR FRIENDS IN ICELAND and see what you can do to help.

Q: How can I adopt a potcake dog?
A: We hope to evacuate all the potcakes from the island and any donations you wish to send will be warmly appreciated. We want to be sure that all animals get good home so we will need to interview anyone wants a dog or cat. You can contact us for more information.

Q:How do I benefit from Volunteering?
A: Most volunteer programs less than 3 months in duration are designed to benefit the individual volunteer. The local people also benefit in many ways but our program is designed to introduce the new volunteer to a variety of social, cultural, health and political issues that they would not find at home thus increasing their world awareness. You will not be saving the world in our prgrams, but you will be making a difference in many ways and learning volumes at the same time. With Volunteers Without Boundaries you will offer your services in exchange for learning from the people and communities you will be living with. Caring, sharing and learning...that's what we are about.

Q: I want to Volunteer but don't know how to get started?
A: For a donation of $25.00 or more you can speak directly with an experienced volunteer. Once you have made your contribution send us an e-mail how we can reach you and we will set it up. Phone conversations are limited to twenty minutes so have all your questions ready.

Q: How do I apply for a Volunteer Position with VWB?
A: In order to Volunteer with us you will need to send the following:
1. A donation of $100.00 or more (pay pal, cash or check).
2. A letter of motivation: Why you want to volunteer, how you feel qualified and what you expect to gleen from the experience.
3. A signed and witnessed Volunteer agreement to our address at the bottom of the page.

Q: Is there a deadline to apply for a Volunteer assignment?
A: There is no deadline to apply. Each application is treated on an individual basis but you want to plan early in order to get the best price on flights, your vaccinations, and a Passport if needed.

Q: I am interested in volunteering with your organization this summer, and I was wondering if there a program fee or do volunteers just have to pay for their travel, food, and housing expenses ?
A: The only additional expenditures would be a mininum donation of $35.00 (check, cash or money order or paypal) with your application and an additional $100.00 donation for a personalized logistics and departure briefing once you are accepted. Also if you want to have a personal discussion, interview or have questions about volunteering at anytime then you would be asked to first make a donation of $25.00 (cash, check, money order or paypal) and leave contact information about, how, where, and when you can best be reached so we can get back with you.

Q: How much would it cost to stay in the Uganda? 
A: You would have to cover airfare to Entebee Uganda, road transport to Kasesse, your food and housing. You will be living either with a family or in a local hotel. Cost of air travel depends on where you live in the USA, which airlines you choose, and if you are using frequent travel miles donated by friends and family. For travel by road in Uganda we will have someone meet you at the airport and take you to your destination. The cost could be anywhere from $25.00 and up per day plus fuel. expect $15.00 per day for food and $10 to $40.00 per day for lodging. This all depends on current exchange rates and where you stay. It cost approx $4,000.00 per person in 2008.

Q: Do you have a certain traveler's insurance you use?
A: Most developing countries do not accept insurance. You would have to pay cash for any injuries or emergencies.  So bring enough cash with you for starters.  Should you want evacuation insurance or are worried about injuries that could happen outside of the village then you could also search on the internet for “international health insurance.” BUT remember it is usually cash only in developing countries…on the other hand health care expenses in developing countries are usually less than in the USA for comparable services.

Q:  Living situation: Is it possible to "live with the locals" rather than staying in a hotel?
A: Living with a local family is possible but not 100% guaranteed as space is limited.   We need to check on an individual basis.  Also other volunteers may be around at the same time you are so it also possible to rent a house and share.

Q: I'd like to bring as many supplies as possible and would love a list from you.
Then I could start getting people in the health sciences programs to jump on board with donations, medications, who knows?!

A: Donation suggestions:  Remember that you can only take two 50 lb bags on the plane with you and one 20 lb carry on plus a purse so don’t forget about the limit or you will be charged a lot extra.  If you get donations also ask for money to pay for the extra shipping weight.  Don’t bring any medicines unless you have special clearance from the local government and the receiving facility.  It is best to coordinate donations with the clinic where you will be spending time, they will be happy to make appropriate suggestions.

Q: What will the approximate cost be for one month of lodging and food in Mexico?
A: I would consider about $5-10/day for food and if you have to rent a house - $100-$150/month for rent and $30/month for utilities.  If you stay with a local family there will be costs you will have to cover and perhaps a small fee to cover food, laundry, cleaning and water plus you may be asked to pitch in with cooking, cleaning and shopping.  It will depend on where you stay.

Q: If the local doctor in Mexico is interested in an AIDS program, what is he/she looking for? Education-based approach, supplies to do HIV testing and counseling or both?
A: These questions need to be discussed directly with the local doctor and authorities. Only they know what the community needs ands will support culturally.   In most cases a prevention program might be good…remember you would have to do your program in the local language so what you are able to is limited by your language abilities.

Q: What can I expect my role to be? I know it's always unexpected and unpredictable, but should I expect hands on, clinical work. Will travel be involved to care for patients, or do most find their way to the clinic? Will there be opportunities for teaching?
A: In some areas of you will be working in the Surgical clinic, or rural health clinic, share in education of the other students, assisting in the operating room if you are in Mexico, community oriented sanitation, disease prevention, fumigation of mosquitoes, and Ambulance rescue (most patients find their way to the clinic but some communities provide community rescue services). You are not obliged to participate in all services if you do not feel comfortable but you will be asked to volunteer for a normal 40 hr week in some capacity.   In Africa you will be in a small community and make visits to rural clinics and or agricultural programs where you will help but only as your qualifications will allow. This a very informal and flexible cultural / medical exchange program…You are limited only by your imagination, your willingness, your level of expertise and the wishes of the local authorities along with the community and… they are very open to new ideas.

Q: For prescription medicines I was going to bring a month’s worth of my medicine... should I also bring a copy of the prescriptions??

A: Bring your medicines in their original container and bring a copy of the RX with you. Be sure that your doctor writes your diagnosis and the generic name of your medicine on the RX in case your medicines need to be replaced locally.

Q: I wanted to find out if I need to apply for a visa.
A: It is important to check with the airlines or local embassy.  In some cases like in Uganda you will need a passport and visa in others, like Mexico, you might only need a passport. Check first, don’t assume anything.

Q: Where can I find inexpensive, good quality travel luggage and clothes?
A: There is a great website for discount clothing, luggage and travel supplies. It is called Sierra Trading Post.  www.SierraTradingPost.com  or call 1-800-713-4534.  You can search for your favorite brand names on this site too.   Eagle Creek Luggage is very travel friendly.